— Mark C., Baltimore, Thank you for the break of a hectic life ! — Mary B., Randall, MN Thank you for many years of beautiful entertainment which you brought into our house, car, tent and wherever we could pick up the show. — Marychris G., Dallas, TX Ah Gare (surely after all this time we have spent together I can be familiar hmm? — Michael M., Escondido, CA Thank you for sweeping me away while on a long road trips, and on the screen porch on summer evenings, in my hospital bed once, but mostly while making dinner for my family every Saturday night. Keillor, I was introduced to you 13 years ago when I moved to North Carolina from Manchester, England.) I, like you, have retired more than once, the Brett Favre syndrome….and, like Brett I may be back…tough to leave something that has defined your life and ours for almost half a century. You made me laugh at skits and stories, and love the music. — Patty S., Red Lodge, MT Just saw you tonight in St. First saw you on the Farewell tour in Philadelphia (1989). — Jack H., Chicago, IL Dear Garrison, Thank you for all the joy you have given my family! At the time I was worried that I may no longer hear good radio programs. I love your wit, your elegance on stage and the respectful manners with which you address musician and singer guests.

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Every week Garrison Keillor read greetings to the audience.

For his final broadcast as our host, we invited listeners to send a greeting back to him!

From a simple note of congratulations to a story of what the show has meant to you over the years, we appreciate every one we received.

Six years ago, I attended an outdoor performance of PHC on a sweltering August day.

After the show, I told a fib to a security guard and managed to get backstage to meet Mr. Even though he was clearly exhausted, he was so gracious and accommodating to those of us fans who were there.

I have never forgotten his kindness and will miss hearing his voice on Saturday evenings. — James, Bloomington, IN Garrison, thank you from the bottom of my mom’s heart for the years of great radio! — Lenette M., Chardon, OH It was my late father who was the first regular listener among us; I started listening after he passed, as a way to stay in touch, as it were.

Long drives with 3 kids who all grew up looking forward to the show. — D., Savannah, GA I set aside all that is busy or worrisome, and smile as I turn on the radio, savoring the moment. Of course, the show appealed to me as well, and has become a tradition for my wife and me as well.

It feels like meeting old friends, or unwrapping a gift from someone who knows me well…sketches, music, guests, selected with care and a touch of whimsy by you, Mr. And the best dearest Lake Wobegon, everybody’s hometown. Thank you, Mr Keillor, for providing a vital link on earth and to heaven!

— Mary Ann T., Saint Louis, MO 400 characters is hardly enough To say thanks for all the stuff. — Laura M., Philadelphia, PA Thank you for your wholesome magical world that you share with us. So much beauty in the small things that make up our day to day lives. — Jan F., San Diego, CA We spoke w Garrison at Ravinia last week. — Sandra W., Reed City, MI The show got me through my teenage years and later on, my husband, J, and I through car trips and cleaning sessions every Sunday afternoon for the past few years. — Al G., Stockton, CA I’ll be brief: for over 40 years, the sound of Saturday night. You have the blessed ability to help one reflect on memories and to feel like a part of the Lake Wobegon community. Only Garrison (English) and the crew of the BBT (physics) have their majors as so much a part of their schtick. We listened to you in the car, our kids grew up listening to you during long car trips, and we all attended the shows at the State Fair. I have listened ever since that night and have been entertained each Saturday night. I could have gotten you started on stories when you might have suffered from Writer’s Idea Block with stories from my home town. — Vickie R., Spout Spring, VA Thanks for being my Saturday evening companion.