anyway, I got pregnant which I really didn't expect as I was on the pill, and we got back together, but I didn't want to move in with him because I didn't want to do it just because I'd got preganant, and I wasn't sure what would happen, but now we are happy together, I'm very loved up, and we are planning on being together forever... So I want Karl to come and live with us, but he's dragging his heels a bit.No room for his gym equipment, and worried about the dog around the baby. I live on my own as well and my boyf still lives with his parents. This is because the house I live in still has my ex's name on the mortgage, plus baby wasn't planned, plus we haven't been together long and I think with everything else it might tip us over the edge... I'm sure the time will come when we can live together though- this house is mine and my ex's though, which i'm sure is part of the reason why there is that 'barrier' to living together.I did promise myself I'd never live with a bloke again after the horrible experience with my ex though... If the two parents are not separated, then not living together must be a nightmare.

baby together but not dating-33

Do you think if you are parents and together you should live together? Do you think it's strange if a couple have a baby but don't live together?

What about couples that live apart and plan to have a child?

Me and my OH do not live together, but he stays here quite a lot.

I think it would be nicer for Mia if he lived here.

I think the concept of the dad "staying over" shows serious lack of commitment in my eyes..that's just my opinion and the way I live my life - everyone's different and entitled to do it their way.

But..most important thing is what's best for the child/ren?

Sarah xxx I think it's just easier to live together and of course nicer for him to see more of Mia.

We are a family and I think a family should all live together.

Of course it's different if the parents have broken up, but we get on well so don't argue (much).