In March, rumors that war veterans’ month-long occupation of parliament would soon be broken prompted a government-contracted militia to open fire on security forces there, wounding three.

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Mary's church to attend the annual Christmas service on the Royal Estate at Sandringham in Norfolk, eastern England December 25, 2012.

Financial assessments of the homeowners have not been required because they do not have to make loan repayments during their lifetimes; repayment is triggered when a borrower dies or moves out permanently, and typically is funded through the sale of the home.

While there are no fangs involved, the procedure involves drawing blood to be used in facial injections.

Using technology called Selphyl, a doctor draws blood, treats it and injects it back into the patient's face to smooth any unwanted wrinkles.

Yes, there will be periods of relative inactivity, but there will also be moments of intense drama along the way.

The wake-up, the orbit insertion, the Philae landing and the close approach to the Sun could make Rosetta one of the most remarkable missions we've ever seen.

A popular view has been that bricks and mortar retailers have a high tax burden whilst a few very large international online businesses pay a small amount of tax here, therefore the tax system for all online players – big and small, UK and international – should change.

But this is a red herring, an issue of domicile not online retail. The authors added that happiness can help lead to longer, more productive lives for the country's residents.

The expected nomination of Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve had a modest effect on markets, meanwhile, given thepolitical wrangling in Washington that could lead a U. It can also help people earn more and be better citizens.

They urged political leaders to pay closer attention to their citizens' moods.

All through the spring and summer, the militias became increasingly politicized, laying siege to government ministries.