And the secretary( i work in the office) noticed the girl in question is in the office alot, but we never show like near them, like, when i touch her but, it's when no one is around, or behind this counter, where no one can see.And when I was feeling her breast like 2 days ago, it was after EVERYONE was gone, it was only me, her, and her cousins(who know she likes me) in the office, and I was supposed to close up.I could have left, but decided to spend time with her, doing ****.

So, her mother comes and picks her and her cousins up, and she goes up there and talks to her mother a bit and I heard her say "hol on, let me get my stuff", so I start lookin around, like, uhh wat stuff, lol.

So then she comes back there(her mother couldnt see me, and I didnt say anything the whole time she was in there), so she came back there and kissed me again, like a farewell, and it lasted longer than all the others.....

Anyway, I said all that to say, yesterday, the secretary implied that she was too young for me(suspecting we had sumthing going on, eventho she had absolutely no evidence, besides the fact that she is always in there, btw, we never talk like we even like each other in everyone else's presence, which is good to me because I dont want it to be known to the world, especially since I work there) but I denied anything was going on and didnt know what she was talking about and she was like "well, she must like you, she in here everyday", I just smiled, but three years isnt that much(im still 16, will be 17 on the 26th), but the thing is, Im in the 12th and she's in the 8th, it sounds crazy, i know, but its only 3 years.

Well I wouldn't say that it's wrong, so long as both persons truly loved each other and weren't in the relationship just for physical means.

If the girl truly loves the guy and vice versa, and the parents are okay with it, then go for it.

In my eyes its no different from a 20 year old woman falling for a 28 year old man.

I work at a middle skool and there are like literally alot of girls that like me, one who I kinda took it to another level past like with, I feel on her alot and tongue kissed alot the other day.

So I started touching her breast, inside her shirt, touching skin, like, I reached up her shirt, and under the bra and pulled them outta the bra, y'know held them in my hand and was like "damn, these nice".

Anyway, time goes by and I went in for a kiss, it was only a lip touch at first, Then I was like 'that was wack", and she was like "what?

", then she gave me this sexy look and got close, and then we toungue kissed.

So, we ended up tongue kissing like 5 or 6 times in a 2 min period, guess you could call it makin out. Anyway, I got to the subject of ****ing, she kinda let me know it wasn't happening(she's a virgin, I am too, but only to general sex, but she thinks I'm not, to either, so I guess she's waiting on something special).