There is a balance between responding to the current game and training for the next.In a relationship, this balance between mindful living and future planning helps to create a partnership that thrives in the moment and will continue to grow in the future.

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My decision had nothing to do with body fat percentages or max bench press (although those factors certainly don't hurt! Nor was this decision dependent upon the man in question being some sort of professional competitor.

In fact, I define "athlete" as anyone who regularly and passionately engages in sports or physical activity.

Grit All you have to do is watch the face of a runner in his or her last mile of a marathon to understand that athletes have grit.

When the going gets tough, they know how to shift into that extra gear to get it done.

This trait is key in relationships when you want a partner that is willing to persevere through the difficult times, rather than simply throw in the towel and walk away.

Camaraderie Athletes know how to work and play together.

For those who are on a team, their teammates become their family as they share in the joys and disappointments of sport.

For the solitary athletes, they become a part of the larger community of like-minded competitors.

Athletes have a sense of belonging; they are loyal to their groups.

That same spirit transfers into a relationship, bringing a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Balanced Goals Anyone who engages in sports knows how to live in the moment and yet plan for the future.