Maybe he's a coworker, a friend or even a cute bartender.When you find a guy you like, letting him know you’re interested is key.

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In one case, your cake doesn't rise, but in the other, your dry rub might burn somebody's mouth off.

Chili powder and cayenne pepper are two different things. Chili powder is a blend of spices, of which cayenne happens to be but one.

The other ingredients include cumin, garlic powder, oregano and paprika.

But it's roughly one part cayenne to seven parts other things (depending on the recipe, and I've got one for you below).

That means cayenne is 8 times hotter than chili powder, and if your recipe calls for two tablespoons of chili powder and you use two tablespoons of cayenne pepper instead — well, let's just say that you probably won't make that mistake twice.

Fortunately, you don't have to make that mistake even Mix the ingredients together until well blended and you're ready to go. Obviously, this recipe is only useful in the specific situation where you're out of chili powder but you have plenty of those other five ingredients.

This will make a little less than 3 Tbsp of chili powder. Even so, I think it's illuminating to see what chili powder is, what ingredients it's made up of, and in what proportions.

Just a simple gesture like this will let him know you are interested in him. When talking with him, don’t be looking around at what might be going on around you.

This will make him think you are uninterested in the conversation at hand, and therefore uninterested in him, so make him feel like he, not your surroundings, is your focal point. Ask him if he’d like to have coffee sometime, or say you’d love to see him again for dinner.