I didn't feel happy for me, but I did feel bad for her.I told my mom about this and she said, "You worked for it, you earned it." I demurred--but I guess she's right.My walking, bike riding, and that little bit of pre-op PT have paid off.


The main news is that I've finally, really and truly, decided to leave my job.

I met with my future employer and he put the offer back on the table.

I have an unsigned copy of my resignation letter sitting on my desk at the office.

We chatted a little and it turned out she had her surgery one day after mine.

She was younger and thinner, but she was way, way behind where I am.

She was actually scared to walk without her brace, though she was on one crutch, like me.

She was doing much easier exercises and generally, moving more slowly and awkwardly than I am.

It hurt too much to wear, it wouldn't stay in place, and it was crazy heavy.

I made an executive decision last week to take off my brace in all circumstances.

Wearing the brace, when it would stay in place, did provide some comfort and actually reduced pain a little. When I went to PT yesterday, they seemed to think it was just fine. I wondered if I were fooling myself a little, but it turns out, not at all.

The proof: on Friday, there was a young woman there with the same brace as mine--and the same injury.