, you lower the lets go on a date somewhere close by,lol, I feel it will work for you...I hate long distance relationships but am endeavoring one who is now 2 hours away but... Wants what I want, he's not jaded in any way from previous marriage and first date is soon. In these cases, one has to either just relocate, be willing to pay the gas to commute an hour to the big city, or consider those single men as an option.If he's worth it who cares how far and I may even consider moving away! :) Yeah, I keep seeing the same faces in my small area....they've been here a little too long, some of them even complain about how hard it is for them to meet people in the area...course I email them, not to get a response. As we mature, we begin to understand what we truly want/need in a partner.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Do woman really want to drive 30 min to small town, usa?

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Noooo, women do not want to drive 30 minutes to small town, usa, but probably will if you build a reasonable amount of rapport with them...

I've pretty much emailed everyone that Po F says that are within 25 miles of my zip and results ave been not much more than polite chat. Polite chat is gooood, nurture those , build on them, and then out of the blue when they think it is just polite chit chat back and forth, Boooom!

If you expect them to flock to you, you will never get a date. You might also consider dating women your own age, that'll increase your dating pole dramatically. This of course limits the dating pool substantially. This can either mean being willing to travel further, or dating a wider age range or reduce the number of restrictions. Must not have messaged users looking for intimate encounters or sex. Must not be looking for Hang Out Must not be looking for Talk/E-mail Must not be looking for Other Relationship Must not be looking for Dating Must not be looking for Friendship Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter Must not be looking for Activity Partner Must not do drugs Must not be married Must not smoke Would it be the end of the World if 'she' lived 76 miles away, or was 41 ?

Add to that your location, as you you are discovering, the dating pool shrinks even more. Aspects we would like but are not vital to us need to be considered. What if her definitions of hang-out, dating, friendship etc, don't match yours?You could be eliminating people who don't want to rush into a relationship and move in together is they think the most suitable option for explaining that is 'dating'.You have a lot of restrictions of your profile and you are shrinking your audience with each and every one of them. *Of course* your options will be limited in small-town America. No matter what anyone tells you, dating IS a numbers game.How about using your Inbox to vet poeple rather than blocking everyone from getting in touch from the get to? I live there myself so, yes I would personally not be put off by a half-hour drive because it takes *at least* that to get anywhere here. If I expand to 50 or 75 miles than its 3 hours drive time (1.5 out and back) and that's an entire evening. I never communicated with anyone more that 10 years in age difference (12 being my limit). You're on POF because of the small pool of potential dates that you have in real life, aren't you?You could be here for years searching for the mother of your child, or she could just show up here tomorrow. When I click on 'My City" or do a basic search none of that is taken into account.. Well, don't do anything to limit the size of the pool you can draw from online.And, no matter what we'd like, the internet does not bridge geographical distance.