After marriage and a number of years of apartment living, Karin and Al bought their first house.Al then surprised Karin and the children and brought home a German Shepherd Dog puppy bitch from a pet store.Unfortunately, a mail truck hit the puppy only a few months later, and the family was devastated.

Eventually Karins mother saved enough money to purchase a delicatessen and together with the children started a new life for the family.

In 1963 when Karin and Al were dating, they acquired a German Shepherd Dog together to protect Karin's mother's store.

The dog which they named Prince, was a poor representative of the breed, but served an important purpose and was loved by the family.

In Germany, at the end of World War II, Karin and her family lived across the street from an American army headquarters.

Each day as three-year-old Karin would sit on her front stoop an American army sergeant would walk his attacked-trained German Shepherd Dog complete with muzzle and harness. Seeing this Karin ran excitedly across the street and flung her arms around the dogs neck.

To everyones surprise, especially her mothers, the dog simply wagged his tail and licked her face.

From that day forward the dog was visited every day until the American troops left, but the love of German Shepherd Dogs was instilled.

Alkarah is a small breeding kennel located in western New Jersey in the hills of rural Hunterdon County. standard with emphasis on good temperament and OFA certified hips and elbows.

The goal at Alkarah is to breed German Shepherd Dogs to the A. ah) is a contraction of the first names of Al and Karin and the first letter of the names of the Wagner children Al and Heidi.