The html-based chat room created is immediately available for chatting. CGI For Me: Chat Room This is a java chat room script which has features like having color, bold, underlining the text and having whole control of your chat room / This tool has the following features. Animated Chat The Animated Chat plugin allows your Word Press site to have its own animated chat room. The chat rooms are sturdy, powerful, fast, aesthetically appealing, easy to customize.v Bulletin Chat Module 123 Flash Chat server software is a feature rich and high performance Java chat server with an amazing Flash chat client!

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EWC Free Chat Room Script EWC Free Chat Room Script is both a Unix and Windows compatible script that allows a webmaster to put a full featured chat room on their website.

Full moderation and room option controls to power your chat community.

Word Press Chat for 123 Flash Chat 123 Flash Chat Word Press Plugin can be used to create your own chat room in Word Press.

It allows you to insert chat room to your sidebar, with either a lite chat client or a link to standard chat client in ...

Free Chat Room Code For Your Website provide FREE java chat rooms for your website.

It allows you to create, customize and put a very simple and fast loading chat room on your site. members can send Private Messages to other ...123Flash Chat Joomla!

Chat Extension by 123 Flash Chat can add a chat room based on Java server and Flash client to Joomla! And once the module is successfully installed, a free hosted chat will be ... You can add a chat room on your own web site without any programming or installing any software. Just click the room you would like to chat in, enter a nick name and ...

Easy Chat Page Generator EZCHATPG allows your visitors to build their own chat page (aka chat room) on your site by simply filling in a few fields and selecting a color scheme. We will host your chat room on our server, and your users will be provided with a Java ... Free Chat Code This script allows you to create, customize and put a very simple and fast loading chat room on your Web site.

Bravenet Live Java Chat Bravenet live java chat is a tool which has the advantages like forming your room, choosing the language options among the available languages and so on. It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. Chat live with friends, family or business contacts in your own private Chat Room.

Private-Chat works for anyone, anywhere on the Web instantly! Enhance your chatroom with our state-of-the-art Add-ons ...

WP-Addon Chat A shiortcode allows adding a chat room to any page or post. Shows users online, lets users type in different colors, and shows logins and logouts.