The province borders in the north to the province of Gelderland in the east to the (German) Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the south to (Belgian) Limburg, on the southwest by the (Belgian) Province of Antwerp and in the north west to the Dutch province of Northern-Brabant.Old times The history of Limburg starts in the Neolithic (ca.

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Estates arose in addition (villas) and roads were built.

The most important route was the road from Cologne via Maastricht to the coast of the North Sea.

In the 5th century the Romans were expelled and Limburg was occupied by the Franks.

Frankish times The battle against the Romans made ​​the Germanic tribes to chose combined leaders.

After them the “standvoet and klokbeker tribes came in that area.

In the Bronze Age Celtic tribes raided Limburg but were stopped by the Germanic tribes of the Eburones who settled in present Limburg. the Romans moved into the area and brought it under their control.

Limburg was then inhabited by Romans, Gallo-Romans and new Germanic inhabitants, the Sugambren.

The Gallo-Roman culture urged by the main centres, the towns Trajectum ad Mosam (Maastricht) and Coriovallum (Heerlen).

Their nations started thereby gradually to grow together, in the present Nether-lands, into the Saladian Salian Franks (Salic = salt/sea and Frank = free).