The world has lost the beauty of discovery in courtship as it pushes people towards sexual relationships.

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There are a lot of Christian philosophies on dating and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one is best for you.

A good place to begin before dating is on your knees and clearly communicating with God about His will for your life.

Many people have suffered greatly in their relationships because they neglected to spend time with God before dating.

It’s important that believers conduct themselves in a gracious and honorable manner in their dating experiences.

Even if you date a believer—it’s a good chance you are both not at the same level spiritually.

You or your date may be new to the faith or still need to grow up spiritually.

It’s necessary to have your convictions thought out and settled before your date. Will your conscious be convicted if the movie is rated R?

Abraham’s belief underscores the significance of dating and marrying someone within rather than outside of the faith.

This servant took his job seriously enough to stop and pray for God’s guidance.