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According to police reports, detectives later learned there were two pictures and a six-second video of the incident, which took place in a common room shared by four second-floor bedrooms in the fraternity house.

The images — shared with fraternity members electronically and later with a link to the woman's Facebook page — showed a female on top of a man, though neither could be easily identified, the report stated.

Several fraternity members told police the woman appeared to be having consensual sex with the man, who was a student at another school in Illinois.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign paid more than $77,000 to a student who accused campus officials of minimizing her sexual assault and harassment complaints even after photographs and a video of the incident were passed around a fraternity house, according to a settlement agreement obtained by the Tribune. While admitting no wrongdoing, the university also agreed to provide better staff training on how to handle sexual misconduct complaints and revamped its disciplinary process for such allegations, including appointing an advocate for accusers. failed "to take immediate and effective steps to end the sexual harassment and sexual violence," according to the complaint.

The payment came after the student filed a complaint with the U. To settle the case, the university also updated its student discipline code to prohibit engaging in voyeurism of sexual acts without the knowledge of those involved and to forbid the recording or disseminating of the activity without their consent. Historically associated with women's sports, Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in all education programs that receive federal funding and guarantees women the right to a harassment-free education."If you take a video of someone engaged in a sexual act and show it to people, that could create a hostile environment for that student," said Karen Ibach, a Philadelphia-based attorney who works with universities on Title IX compliance issues.

The woman's federal complaint has helped bring the U. up to speed with modern technology, her lawyer said."We took a (discipline) code and administrative policy that was from the 1950s and made it current and relevant in today's social media world where lives and reputations can be ruined with the touch of the 'send button,' " said Jim Navarre, the woman's attorney. "It's serious enough to affect the student's ability to participate in an educational program."The woman and the university agreed to the settlement in May 2013, which ended the Education Department's investigation."I can say with no exaggeration that every student who enters the university will benefit from my client's action."The settlement was reached amid mounting pressure on universities across the country to change the way they respond to assault and harassment allegations. incident came to the federal government's attention in May 2012, when a suburban Chicago woman filed a Title IX complaint against the university for failing to take action on her allegations. The settlement agreement was obtained by the Tribune under the Freedom of Information Act.The Department of Education announced in May that it wasinvestigating 55 institutions for their handling of such cases under Title IX, a federal law that prohibits gender discrimination. officials told the Tribune in a statement that this incident made them realize "new technology sometimes calls for new and evolving safety approaches and discipline protocols." Still, a national expert in university-based gender discrimination said U. fell short in many ways when responding to the student's initial complaints. The woman was a 19-year-old freshman when she alleged being assaulted while attending a party at the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity in May 2011, and then learning the next day that there were photographs and video of the incident. The Department of Education last year received more than 10,000 discrimination complaints, including those concerning race, gender and religion.President Barack Obama's administration has launched a series of initiatives aimed at reducing sex crimes on U. campuses, where statistics suggest nearly 1 in 5 women will be a victim of an attempted or actual sexual assault during her college career. Both schools have been under investigation for several months,... Both schools have been under investigation for several months,... Clair)The woman's case also provides an example to universities that are still adjusting to students' new ways of using technology and social media — particularly the ease of sharing photographs and video. Regulations governing surreptitious recordings have been included in model student codes for the past 15 years, he said, and with college sexual assaults being in the national spotlight the past few years, universities should be hyperaware of the correct response to allegations."There has been so much publicity and talk about Title IX compliance, there is no excuse for mistakes like these," said Brett Sokolow, executive director of the Association of Title IX Administrators. About 3 percent of those were resolved using the early resolution process, a move that spares a university from a protracted public investigation. According to Champaign police reports, the woman went to the hospital on May 1, 2011, after waking up with bruises on her arm, back and neck, as well as general soreness throughout her body.The University of Chicago and Knox College are among 55 schools under federal investigation for their handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints, according to a list released Thursday by the U. The University of Chicago and Knox College are among 55 schools under federal investigation for their handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints, according to a list released Thursday by the U. Records indicate there were shortcomings in both the police and university investigations of the U. She recalled going to the fraternity's annual "foam party" with friends and later getting separated from them, but she could not remember anything else."She was not sure but believed that she may have had intercourse during the evening and requested a sexual assault kit," the report states.On May 2, the student called police to say she learned from a friend that a video of the incident was being shared with fraternity members.