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I’m currently about 27 weeks pregnant, which means I am already a third of the way through this pregnancy…craziness!!

I am due just around Halloween and we could not be more excited to be adding to our family and meet our sweet little pumpkin.

Just like with Avery, we decided not to find out the sex of this baby.

We loved the surprise at her delivery, and can’t wait to find out what this baby is.

As this likely won’t be our last baby, I have no strong preference on boy vs. I would love for Avery to have a sister, but of course I would love to have a boy as well.

Time will tell…although if you ask Avery what the baby is she ALWAYS says girl. Overall I’ve been feeling well, more tired this time than last time, but I attribute that to the toddler that I’m chasing around.

I definetly took for granted all the time I had to rest with my first pregnancy!

I’ve been in full-on nesting mode for the past few weeks, as we moved Avery to her big girl room and into a twin bed, and now we’re getting the nursery put back to a neutral state for Baby #2.

I’ve sorted all our neutral clothes and I am tempted to start washing everything, but I’m going to try to hold out for a few more weeks. Other than that, I’m making lists on lists on lists of everything, including a giant list of freezer meals and canning that I want to do.