Model Mayhem is a site that connects models with photographers, which Doe used to try and kick start her career.However when she travelled to meet the person she had been speaking to, she was met by two men, former policeman Lavont Flanders and Emerson Callum, a Jamaican porn star, who drugged and raped her, filming it for a porn series.

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Internet Brands originally succeeded in the asking for the case to be dropped due to Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act, which states that online publishers are not responsible for criminal activity on, or as a result of, the use of their site.

However the case has now been allowed on appeal due to Doe’s case not being about the information published on Model Mayhem, but rather that the company knew about Flanders and Callum but did not inform users of the potential risks.

The court wrote: “Jane Doe does not claim to have been lured by any posting that Internet Brands failed to remove.

Internet Brands is also not alleged to have learned of the predators’ activity from any monitoring of postings on the website.

'This emerging threat appears to be a result of the increasing popularity of online dating – including free and subscription services, dating websites, apps and 'hook up' services- combined with the behaviours and expectations fostered by an online environment.'Catherall and Jefferys were described as being fond of one another, and were becoming increasingly close.

However, Ms Catherall had previously told a friend that her boyfriend was a 'very nice guy but possessive'.A model’s court case against a site called Model Mayhem could have important repercussions for online dating services.Following her tragic ordeal, an anonymous, aspiring model – referred to in the case as Jane Doe – has persuaded three judges in California to allow her case against Model Mayhem to proceed.“Instead, Jane Doe attempts to hold Internet Brands liable for failing to warn her about information it obtained from an outside source about how third parties targeted and lured victims through Model Mayhem.“Internet Brands could have given a warning to Model Mayhem users, perhaps by posting a notice on the website or by informing users by email what it knew about the activities.” And this could potentially be significant with regards to the online dating industry, because cases of this nature have previously rarely been allowed to proceed in the past.It might mean that online apps and sites could become liable for knowing that their users are misusing the site or are a potential danger to others using their service.