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"Mike Lowery claimed to love Amber Lowery, but he sawed up her body, chopped her into bits and burned the pieces,” said Mau.

"I wish that case had only been an assault case and not a murder case." Mau pleaded with the students to intervene if they know someone involved in a violent relationship.

"It's better to lose a friend because you tried to help them.

We were just basically yelling at each other,” said Cross.

Teams of students weigh the evidence and determine a verdict.

Just when they think everything is over Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau delivers a bombshell. The real Amber Lowery,” Mau says showing a photo to students. Unlike the character played in court, Amber did not survive.Mike Lowery, Amber's husband and the father of her two children, is serving a life sentence for her murder.Dating violence awareness month comes to an end Tuesday, but some Hays County high school students will likely carry the message for life.In this week’s Crime Watch, FOX 7's Noelle Newton shows how domestic violence advocates used a mock trial to hopefully save lives. Her role is domestic violence victim "Amber." As the prosecutor laid out for the jury, Amber is accusing her fiance of drugging her, beating her and leaving her to die in the woods. I was sore all over and honestly, I felt like I'd fallen off a ten story building,” said Blythe.Dripping Springs High School senior Emily Blythe takes the stand in a Hays County courtroom. Wyatt Cross, who plays the abusive fiance, defends himself."Whenever she's sober she's pretty level-headed and we can have an adult conversation, but that didn't happen that day.