Crucially, most online dating scams involve a request for money before having met the romance interest in person. When online dating, insist on meeting in person early on before you send too many messages and form a “virtual attachment.” Your first date should always be in a public place and if you have a funny feeling, consider running a background check on your potential date beforehand. Be extra careful if your suitor has reason to be out of the country to avoid a first meeting.International business people and members of the armed services make easy cover stories for scam artists. Never send money early on in a relationship and especially before having met the person.

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The scammer simply steals a photo of the member of the armed forces from their social media profiles to use on unsuspecting women.

We encourage you to read the full story at the link above on how this scam develops, but thought we would reiterate some of the key points for avoiding these type of romance scams, whether they come wrapped in camouflage or not.

Military-based romance scams are just one of a number of perennial scams that online daters face.

Others involve “emergency” requests for immediate financial assistance or help in clearing customs to move a large amount of money from a foreign country into the US.

All you need is a full name and approximate location to run a search.

As the article states, you can also search Romance and Romance to search for common profile photos used by con artists.While the tactics of scam artists are always changing, the above principles remain the same and we hope will help you avoid any trouble on your search for romance.Over 40 million Americans have online dating profiles, and due to its popularity, online dating scams cause tens of millions of dollars in damages each year.In fact online romance scams have been referred to as “the most costly in existence” by international authorities.One common online dating scam involves women targeted by con artists posing as a US Army sergeants.According to the official Armed Services newspaper Stars & Stripes, these types of scams are prevalent as they are so easy to set up.