is, but it’s something some of us may have endured due to the sheer curiosity of it…or giving in to the coaxing friend(s)…or you were dragged out of your home, kicking and screaming. To some it’s an awful fact, and maybe some people have found success stories through a night of it.I don’t judge, and there was interest at one point joining a few (now former) coworkers.The that are shown in movies and television shows are the first scenarios that play out in my mind.

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At the time the internet was just a wonderful place…Making new friends through this new found wonder was absolutely out of the question as I was pretty sure the only people who did that were lonely cat ladies, the aforementioned serial killers, or would be serial killers who needed practice.” articles from random sources. Bobby Flay can supposedly cook food that isn’t on a grill.

Almost everyone claims to be an expert on a variety of things, so you have to choose your information wisely. Should you choose poorly, you’ll turn into skin and bones.

(I am not an expert just so we are all in the clear.) (Also, I wish that Templar Knight would follow me around.

But hearing that reminder after every decision made would get annoying.) However, in today’s technologically-dependent society, the internet is a significant source for offering a variety of platforms to help you shop for your potential partner. God and Jesus combined their efforts with starting up Christian Mingle.

Poseidon reminds you that there’s Plenty of Fish out there.

Craig makes sure the Missed Connections are actual connections on was taken with an App called Tinder. My trip to China, which pertains to one of the (sounds belittling to me), is a chronological point of reference to help me determine the year this was attempted.

Let’s do a little speed dating using these outlets. Obviously, all of these relationships did not work out. Are there single people in Central New York using this website?

Take for instance a duck sitting at a table with a rabbit, one telling the other that it’s not going to work because one cannot tolerate how the other speaks.

However, the next table the rabbit goes to may have a fox, and the predator-prey relationship can be twisted with dirty jokes and euphemisms about one eating the other.