He was a Svengali figure for Putin, who was alleged to have menaced the Russian media into idolizing the strongman president. Mikhail Lesin and his new love Victoria Rakhimbayeva, who were photographed when she was pregnant.He was found dead last Friday in a Washington DC hotel - and now speculation is mounting about him She has not commented on his death other than to thank friends on social media for their commiserations, but before the tragedy she made clear that they intended to set up home permanently in New York.Nicknamed the 'Bulldozer', Lesin was one of the key props of the Putin presidency, personally masterminding a wide-ranging media crackdown which has left the vast majority of Russian TV stations and newspapers obedient to the Kremlin.

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Key aide: Mikhail Lesin (right, with Putin), who was Putin's press secretary during his first stint as president, founded state television network Russia Today, regarded in the West as a mouthpiece for the Kremlin Longstanding association: Mikhail Lesin had known Vladimir Putin before the Russian strongman took control of the Kremlin and was nicknamed 'the Bulldozer' for getting the media to dance to Putin's tune Many elite Russians with links to the Putin regime are currently giving the US, and other parts of the West, a wide berth amid fears of arrest, hence the surprise and bewilderment at him being in Washington.

Former Russian vice premier Alfred Kokh openly asked this week whether Lesin could have been murdered - like a new Alexander Litvinenko, a Putin foe poisoned by radioactive polonium poured into his tea in London nine years ago.

Human rights activist Pavel Chikov claimed the death of a man with an intimate knowledge of Putin's circle, was suspicious, stating: 'It would be right to assume that Lesin, who knows quite a lot, was ready for a deal within the FBI's investigation, which would make his position better.

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Recently, 120 Eglinton was the subject of intense media coverage, when the knapsack belonging to missing 17 year old Georgian girl, Mariam Makhniashvili, was located, according to news reports, behind the building.

The death from a 'heart attack' of a longtime close ally of Vladimir Putin in a Washington hotel has led to a swirl of speculation that he was murdered on Moscow's orders after offering to help the FBI.Mikhail Lesin, 57, was announced last weekend to have been found dead in the US capital.The eleven floor office building at 120 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto Canada provides work space for international businesses and English schools.Among the businesses is Inna Kogan's immigration/dating/caregi ver business, the "International Immigration Law Firm", also known as "Immigration Law Office Inna Kogan", whose main website, innakogan.com, is also available in Russian.It's located in Suite 303, which is also listed to a nail spa and immigrant caregiver agency.One of the associated foreign websites, immigrate.ru, assists wanna-be émigrés with potential issues such as "How to export from Ukraine large sum of money if you fly to Canada".