Online Teen Dating Years ago teens waited for their "new found mate" to call them on the phone between a certain time.

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Teen dating sites This will give you access to some of the best websites on the internet focusing 100% on dating as a teenager.

Teen dating abuse Some teens can get into a bad relationship and not even realise their dates are being abusive.

Teen dating tips will look at how to spot the signs and what you can do.

Fun date ideas for teens Here we will cover fun things you can do to help your date go well and have a good time.

Pick up lines for girls Believe it or not, some men like to get hit on by a girl when they are out. If you are feeling brave but don't know how to approach a guy then try out some of these pick up lines to break the ice.

Kissing with braces It is common for teenagers to have braces until they are in their mid teens.

If you are dating and kissing you do not want to do it wrong if you have braces.

Dating when you are a teenager is an exciting time in your life. The pressure to have sex at a young age is very hard for many teenagers.

The access to drugs and alcohol add to the peer pressure and can cause you to make bad decisions when it comes to knowing when you should have sex and when not to.