The two-prong receptacles you find in your home were once the status quo.Nowadays, they're considered unsafe for two reasons.

The third prong acts as a grounding point for the powered item.

Because the vast majority of larger electrical items feature three-prong electrical supply cables, the two-prong outlet cannot be used without an adapter.

Adapters are fairly inexpensive, and can easily fall out of the outlet if not properly installed.

Determine the position of each wire by looking at the back of the three-prong outlet.

Note that one side of the outlet reads "White." Hook the white wire around the terminal screw on the side of the outlet labeled "White," then tighten the terminal screw onto the wire.

Attach the black wire to the opposite side of the outlet in the same manner.

Attach the copper ground wire to the terminal screw on the bottom of the outlet.

Fortunately, replacing a two-prong outlet with a three-prong outlet is a fairly straightforward task.

Turn off the power at the home's main service panel.