Contact a teacher education specialist (TEd S) in the Office of Clinical Practice for more information.Knowledge grows with increased access to information and education.Educational resources provide access to relevant information for students in the College of Education.

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The College of Education's Servant Educators program inspires community excellence in pedagogy and nurtures the global educational community by refining teaching methods, developing best practices and building relationships.

The College of Education aligns its curriculum with components required for teacher candidate testing.

The curriculum that you study in your courses along with clinical practices all work together to prepare you for your state-required teacher certification exam(s).

There are ample essentials to prepare you to become an outstanding educator.

At Grand Canyon University (GCU), we provide those that support our commitment to serving, leading and learning.

Learning goals and benchmarks are strategically included as part of your curriculum to assess competence and ensure you are on track.You also gain access to common resources, such as Task Stream, and countless opportunities to prepare, serve and lead.The College of Education offers programs leading to initial licensure for teaching and/or administration.Such programs provide institutional recommendation (IR), which recognize graduates as "eligible for a credential" or initial certification in their area of study.Programs offered through the College of Education lead to Arizona certification.For certification in a state other than Arizona, you must apply to your respective state department of education.