BES consists of a set of Windows services that carry out the basic operations of the system.These Windows Services can include (additional services may be installed depending on configuration): BES is typically deployed and managed within the enterprise by messaging administrators (for example, the individuals already responsible for managing Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, or Novell Group Wise) or sometimes a dedicated IT person, usually called the Black Berry or BES Administrator.As of 2010, RIM is offering the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express edition with no user limitations - for free.

Here they are: Black Berry 9360, 9380, 9790, 9810, 9860, 9900 and the Porsche Design 9981.

To check your OS, you can check out this quick tip and if you need to know how to update your OS, the best way is to do it wirelessly.

But you can also do it using Black Berry Desktop Manager for Windows and Mac or directly through the Black Berry update website.

Prior to version 4.0, BES was largely two separate codebases, with the 2.2 version for Domino and the 3.6 version for Exchange.

In version 4.0 and beyond, much of the code is integrated, but separate distributions still remain for each supported mail platform.

Beginning with version 4.1.2, the company introduced a new option, Black Berry Enterprise Server for Applications, which provides a secure wireless gateway for Black Berry devices without requiring the device owner to possess an email account.The latest major revision, version 5.0, was released in 2009 for Exchange and Domino; support for Group Wise was added in 2010.Mind the supported areas folks, not everyone is eligible.Black Berry Enterprise Server designates the middleware software package that is part of the Black Berry wireless platform supplied by Black Berry Limited.The software and service connects to messaging and collaboration software (MDaemon Messaging Server, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell Group Wise) on enterprise networks and redirects emails and synchronizes contacts and calendaring information between servers, desktop workstations, and mobile devices.Some third-party connectors exist, including Scalix, Zarafa, Zimbra, and the Google Apps BES Connector, although these are not supported by Black Berry Limited.